Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do you think this will save me (per card)?

Depends on the process you typically use [today].

If you're like me, you do the following:

  • Go to
  • Search for card (careful to select the correct set using text in dropdown)
  • Click details if you had to search from list of cards
  • Observe cheapest card available (typically a DM, MP or HP card.
  • Scroll down to view the trend chart (un-adjusted for scale, meaning down and up could be within $0.25)
  • Mentally calculate the recent move by $ or by %.
  • Filter cards by condition (typically NM and/or LP so I can skip the low-priced Damaged, Heavily Played, and Moderately Played cards)
  • Identify the cheapest NM - likewise for LP
  • Determine if the NM or LP card price is "worth it" (below market/good opportunity)
  • If not, rinse and repeat by searching for another card
This takes a tremendous amount of time... especially when looking for opportunities on more than 1 card.

Many times this results in wasted time, as the NM or LP cards aren't that much below market price.

Our focus is on NM and LP cards and Sealed Products from If you're passionately interested about seeing cards in less pristine condition, then contact us and we'll see if we can make that a reality on the site.

How much money will I (could I) save - realistically?

This depends on if you actually pull the trigger on these beauties. Showed these to two separate people, and they bought before I could explain to them what the site/details were all about.

Each of these people saved $35 and $44 respectively ;).

Not to mention the time simply saved by not trolling on TCG Player just 'hoping' to find a great opportunity.

Do you earn an affiliate commission if I use your site?

Yes! If you use our links, and make a purchase at TCGPlayer, then we will definitely earn a small commission. By using our links/service, you help us advance the platform - eg. giveaways, credits, affiliate/referral commission, etc.; in order to do this - we need to earn an income for our work.

How often will you be sending me information?

As we start, our plan is to notify you of the best opportunities when they occur (1-2x/day) to insure you take advantage of them. However, we realize that some want to be notified less (eg. 1-3x/week). So, we plan on allowing you to customize this.

Can I cancel my plan (for any reason)?

Yes, you can cancel your plan for any reason. We're hoping you take advantage of saving yourself hours per week scouring's interface for the right opportunity and make purchases to save you many times more than your plan cost; however, we realize this isn't for everyone. However, please feel free to keep the free plan.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, you can get a refund (within 20 days of payment). We'd appreciate you taking the time to consider and use the benefits before requesting it; however, if it's not for you and you've not been able to take advantage of the services - by all means, ask for a refund.

Why not go to TCG sites directly?

Please, by all means, do this! We just try to save you gobs of time by very quickly notifying you of the cards that are currently well below market value by sending you an email or you viewing them on this site... allowing you to instantly capitalize on the opportunity.

What happens to my 'credits' if I cancel or downgrade my plan?

You keep them. :) Plain and simple.

Please know, however, we plan on giving more 'credits' (eg. points, options) to those who stay with us longer periods of time.

Why do you compare LP and NM cards to the same Market Price?

Having purchased over $2,000+ in cards from TCGPlayer in the past 1-2 years - spanning ~60+ merchants I've noticed that TCGPlayer's Vendors are so condition conscious they under value their card's conditions - meaning they sell NM cards as LP. Why? Becuase if you're not totally satisfied they need to reship you one out at their cost, and pay to have the card you received sent back to them. Because this is costly they tend to undervalue their NM as LP. Hence why I almost 80% of time buy LP cards on TCGPlayer. :) And, use that to compare against Market Prices.

Also the condition based prices can be significantly off. For example, in looking at the 15,000+ different types of Pokémon cards and their respective listings for each different type, the condition-based Market Price (not available to you on the site, but to me throught their backend APIs) is way off... in some cases, the LP Market Price is say $15.70 and the NM is $9.33. Uh, how does that happen?

Market Price tends to accommodate for all (unforutnately even DMG, MP, HP cards) and based on recent sales (~3 months worth, but not exactly).