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Total Savings Possible

Total savings possible if you purchased every card that is currently below market value.


Pokémon Cards

Below market w/ avg. savings of ~$7.9 (19.81%) per card


Card Values Rising

Increasing in value in past 3 mo, 6 mo, 9 mo and 1 year! These cards total up to $44,991.54 in savings below market price (go get'm!).


Full Art Cards

Below market w/ avg. savings of ~$6.59 (16.07%) per card


Secret Rare Cards

Below market w/ avg. savings of ~$6.26 (11.01%) per card


Promo Cards

Below market w/ avg. savings of ~$3.52 (18.82%) per card

These stats change daily, and we're not even including the...
Over 30,000 other cards ...
and (literally) 1,000s of sealed products in the system.

Amazing Features

Features are being added regularly.

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Find Deals Stupid Fast!

Scour through the lightning fast filter to find the card/deal you're looking for.

  • Save hours of scouring sites
  • Stop wasting time on hoping to find a deal on various cards
  • Keep more of your hard-earned cash by quickly finding cards by $ or % below market value
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Instantly view cards below-market

Stop doing side calculations to determine % drop or $ increase in price

  • In 2-clicks find all cards increasing value over any period of time in past year
  • Save literally hours of hunting for deals on
  • Instantly find all cards increasing in value over the past 1d, 3d, 30d or even up to past 12 months.
  • Use advanced analysis to determine if your prized card is starting to take a dive.
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Daily finds delivered

  • Top below-market finds sent daily to your inbox
  • We do all the hard work you simply preview finds, click and save

These Basic Features alone will save you ~5 hours / week and add value to your collection.
One of our early beta testers saved ~$180 in one week alone! And, they have not stopped reading our daily emails since!

And Gobs More Features!

Upgraded members receive even greater benefits
(... list growing weekly - take a peek!)

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Advanced Filter

Filter by set, type (eg. 1st Edition, Holofoil), condition very quickly.

  • Saving you at least 10 min as compared to site.
  • Giving you the jump on others.
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Save/Restore [Preset] Filters

1-Click filter based upon your favorite searches. Save unlimited presets.

  • Save and reuse complex searches criteria in 1-Click!
  • Fine-tune those searches within sets, card type or condition
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1-Click to [almost] everything

  • Mark cards you own, in search of (ISO) or favorites
  • Set alerts on cards (more on that later)
  • Quick 1-click to analyze any card
  • Find cards below market price by character
  • Take advantage of market gainers / losers - by % or by $
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Set Alerts

  • Setup alerts customized to each card by condition
  • Get email notifications of cards meeting your price + condition specified
  • 1-Click access to all notifications on site
  • Get SMS text (optional) of all met notifications. (** coming soon **)
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Earn Badges - to give you more!

  • Earn points to use towards rewards/contests
  • MUCH more to come in this feature - stay tuned!
  • Ok, and yes, a minor flex :)
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Analaysis, Charts, Oh My!

  • Identify true price trends, price swings and volatility
  • Make decisions based on price range and volatility versus just a current market price
  • Get overall price movements by $ and % to indicate card price pressure
  • Normalize the graph against zero (with 1 click).
  • Confirm if the $2 drop was signficant or not.


... and many more not listed here!

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User Feedback

Zack Dupree

Dahlonega, GA
Upgraded Member

Pokestack has allowed me to expand not only the size of my collection, but the value - all while saving money. Being able to spot trends in the market and be alerted any time a card I'm chasing is posted for a great price is a game-changer.

Pokestack is a part of my daily tasks, as this site consistently develops more features - making it my go-to site for the best deals on buying cards.



Ryan Mobley

Baltimore, MD
Upgraded Member

As an adult in the hobby, and an accountant, I tend to think of my collection as both a source of joy and a potential future investment for myself and my family. I have always tried my best to purchase my collectibles at the right time in the market so that I ensure an appreciation on my newly acquired collectible/asset. However, that task is easier said than done.

Plenty of times I have wished for a database that detailed market value like a stock trading report; with the ability to trace overall market health as well as valuation tracking on my personal collection and cards of interest. has finally delivered on that years-long dream. And not only does this site provide that historical data I’ve always wanted, but I also receive reports of highlighted deals straight off one of the most trusted marketplace sites for cards - TCGplayer. Thank you, Pokestack!



Kyle Sentell

Pensacola, FL
Upgraded Member

Pokestack, like Pokémon Violet, is the FUTURE! I was spending way too much on cards before, but now I always look to Pokestack [first!] to find the best deals on Pokémon cards on the internet!

Please do yourself a favor and try it out today!!
10/10 will always use💯🔥